COVID-19 and Libby’s Oceanside Camp: 2021


We are opening mid-May as usual! However, there are restrictions in place by the State of Maine that we will continue to follow.
Here’s what you need to know prior to booking:
1) Currently, guests arriving to ME from outside of New England are still required to quarantine or have taken a Covid test within 3 days of arrival that is negative. Proof of completed Covid vaccine plus 14 days is also permitted. We continue to monitor state guidelines and will update our processes according to state requirements.
2) We cannot permit guests who arrive with a fever or signs of respiratory illness.
3) Face masks must be worn on the grounds unless you are within the boundaries of your site.
4) We may not permit any daytime or overnight visitors to your site. No exceptions.
Please remember these are state guidelines, and our business license can be revoked if we do not follow these rules. We are keeping your health and safety, plus the wellbeing of our wonderful Southern Maine community, at the forefront of what we do at Libby’s. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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The Davidson Family
Norm, Candy, and Mark